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Spotlight OPS Procedure Kits

The Spotlight OPS Kit is indicated for the Venacure 1470 Electric Scalpel for easier and faster vein treatment than other bare-ended fiber kits. Designed with a one-piece sheath, the Spotlight has all the features a physician needs to effectively treat SSV, GSV and other superficial veins of the lower extremities.

EVLT / 25-OPS: Length 25cm
EVLT / 55-OPS: Length 55cm
EVLT / 80-OPS: Length 80cm

Tungsten loaded sheath tip increases reverb allowing for a bright and easy tip position for smooth, soft, pointed and low profile tip for easy navigation, less trauma when inserting and while the vein leads.
The unique self-expanding technology eliminates the need for a separate diluent, resulting in fewer components, fewer exchanges, and a faster procedure.
Clearly numbered enclosure markings: Increased safety with clear indication of distance to the end and enhanced ability to measure progress.
Intervention marker: Easily mark the initial depth of the sheath insert for a quick assessment of the length of the vein to be treated.
Ergonomic Center: Simple selection and rotation center provides ease of use to secure the fiber and induce hemostasis.
Improved packaging configuration: Access and therapeutic ingredients in a separate sterile package for less waste if not accessible and easier to store.

Low profile with 600 µm, self-expanding, one-piece fiber in housings in 25 cm, 55 cm and 80 cm lengths.
Two heads 035”
Gripper with RFID chip:
Easy connection to lasers and embedded chips that transfer important fiber-to-laser data
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