Embozene Tandem Micropheres

TANDEM Microspheres are spherical, tightly calibrated, biocompatible, capable of being loaded with drugs and can elute a local, controlled, sustained dose of a drug to targeted tumor sites after embolization.

Manufacturer: Boston Scientific Limited - Ireland

Transend™ Peripheral Embolization Guidewires

Transend microwires are designed to transmit torque control one-to-one for enhanced responsiveness and flexibility.
Producer: Boston Scientific - USA
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National medical conference

Scientific Seminar: CPG and Real-World Practice in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

A chance for doctors to meet and share experiences together on the latest liver cancer treatments.


International medical conference

International Conference APSCVIR 2023

A large number of professors, doctors and distinguished leaders from the Asia Pacific region come together to discuss the latest issues in the field of interventional radiology and exchange the latest information.



Month 01
The 20th International Intensive Course For Interventional Radiology – IICIR 2023

Scientific reports and researches in the field of interventional radiology shared in special international conferences on interventional radiology always attract domestic doctors to attend.In order to support doctors to access advanced foreign programs, learn and share experiences, An Pha always accompanies doctors with international conference events, including the International Conference Interventional Radiology in Korea IICIR […]

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